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What is the ITCQF?

The Information Technology Council Qualifications Framework (ITCQF) establishes the quality of Information Technology qualifications.

The ITCQF is the policy for regulated qualifications in the Information Technology education and training system. It incorporates the quality assured qualifications from each education and training sector into a single comprehensive ITC qualifications framework. The ITCQF was first introduced in 2010 to underpin the I.T system of qualifications in education, vocational education and training and Institutes. The background to the ITCQF is documented here.

The many ITCQF stakeholders include industry and its representative bodies, unions, professional associations and educationist. Ultimately students, graduate and employers, both benefits from the quality qualifications that are built on the requirements of the ITCQF.

The ITCQF provides the standards for I.T qualifications. It is an integrated policy that comprises:

• The learning outcomes for each ITCQF level and qualification type.

• The specifications for the application of the ITCQF in the accreditation and development of qualifications.

• The policy requirements for issuing ITCQF qualifications.

• The policy requirements for qualification linkages and student pathways.

• The policy requirements for the registers of:

        - organisations authorised to accredit ITCQF qualifications.

        - organisations authorised to issue ITCQF qualifications.

        - ITCQF qualifications and qualification pathways.

• The policy requirements for the addition or removal of qualification types in the ITCQF,

• The definitions of the terminology used in the policy.

The organising framework for the ITCQF is a taxonomic structure of levels and qualification types each of which is defined by a taxonomy of learning outcomes. The taxonomic approach is designed to enable consistency in the way in which qualifications are described as well as clarity about the differences and relationships between qualification types. One of the key objectives of the Information Technology Council Qualifications Framework is to facilitate pathways to, and through, formal qualifications. The ITCQF provides for flexible, transparent and systematic learning pathways and to the removal of boundaries between educational sectors. Verification of ITCQF qualifications and the organisations authorised to issue them is through the ITCQF Register.

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